Death by a thousand Papercuts Sticker

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Death by (SJM) a thousand Papercuts!

Konturgestanzter Sticker in der Größe: 10x10cm

  • Beschichteter weißer Kunststoff
  • Extradicke Rückseite mit Abziehhilfe
  • Wasserabweisend
  • Vollfarbdruck


From A Court of Mist and Fury, by Sarah J. Maas, © 2016. Artwork by Johanna Auth. Created with permission of Writers House LLC acting as agent for the author. The art depicted on the products listed for sale is wholly original to me and has been approved by Sarah J. Maas for use on the products. Notwithstanding such approval, Sarah J. Maas has not collaborated with me in any way in the creation of the art, and the traits of any characters depicted in the art is in no way based on any foreknowledge by me of the traits of any characters in future books by Sarah J. Maas.


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